Decimal Investigation

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Decimal Investigation

Building a strong understanding of how our base ten system works is always so important. Taking the time to help students understand this will help with ‘regrouping’ when it comes to adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing – it’s worth the time!

Ones – Tenths – Hundredths – Thousandths

 One whole 1.00

One whole is the same as ten tenths.

It takes ten tenths to build one whole.

One Tenth 0.1

One tenth is the same as ten hundredths.

It takes ten hundredths to build one tenth.

One Hundredth 0.01

One hundredth is the same as ten thousandths.

It takes ten thousandths to build one hundredth.

One Thousandth 0.001

Doing a hands on activity will help students understand how each place value is related. They will take a whole and split the whole into ten equal sections (dividing by ten) to get tenths. Then they will take one tenth and split the tenth into ten equal sections to get hundredths….etc! Connect what they are doing to help them understand when they split the groups equally, they are merely dividing by ten each time!

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