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  • A Twist on Multiple Fact Fluency

    I usually stick to chants when it comes to helping students memorize their multiples but I’ve found students love practicing this way too. I mean we’re always looking to keep things exciting right?

    Hand Multiples

    I saw something on PINTEREST that dealt with hands on a wall and was inspired! This is how I’ve used this:

    A friendly competitive game

    1) The students start at the same time
    2) They tap the hand and say the multiple out loud
    3) Whoever gets to the end first wins a point for that round

    I’ve linked the resource here if you’re interested in the hand printed multiples.

    I’d be curious to see how YOU use this resource!

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  • Making Half

    Finding Half Using Fraction Bars Before diving into equivalent fractions, I have found that letting students explore by building ½ with fraction bars helps build a foundation for equivalent fractions. FREEBIE ACTIVITY CLICK HERE After this simple hands on activity, students will understand – The denominator needs to be an EVEN number in order to take half – There […]

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  • Comparing Fractions with Common Denominators & Common Numerators

    If students understand what a fraction is and have a good understanding of comparing unit fractions, comparing fractions with a common denominator and numerator will be a confidence booster! Check out these previous posts: Fractions Introduction Unit Fractions Like I’ve said in my previous post, first, I get students to practice by using fraction bars […]

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  • Hedbanz Game

    I love the recent hit activity Hedbanz. It is an activity that has been around for a while but it is now finding its way around the classrooms. This activity lends itself for great math conversations and engagement, for whichever concept that is being taught. For the concept of writing and solving equations with an […]

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  • Quick & Easy Halloween Activity

    Halloween is right around the corner! When things like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, etc. come around, does anyone else get in a frenzy? The schedule is all crazy with school wide events, students are super jittery, and no one seems to be able to concentrate (us teachers included). Some teachers keep teaching like any other normal day, other […]

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