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  • A Twist on Multiple Fact Fluency

    I usually stick to chants when it comes to helping students memorize their multiples but I’ve found students love practicing this way too. I mean we’re always looking to keep things exciting right?

    Hand Multiples

    I saw something on PINTEREST that dealt with hands on a wall and was inspired! This is how I’ve used this:

    A friendly competitive game

    1) The students start at the same time
    2) They tap the hand and say the multiple out loud
    3) Whoever gets to the end first wins a point for that round

    I’ve linked the resource here if you’re interested in the hand printed multiples.

    I’d be curious to see how YOU use this resource!

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  • Comparing Fractions Chant

    Need a chant to help with comparing fractions? Here is a chant that encompasses not just the skill but the conceptual understanding! This is a part of our fraction series. Check out these other posts! – http://mustardseedteaching.com/fractions-introduction/ – http://mustardseedteaching.com/pizza-fractions-unit-fractions/ – http://mustardseedteaching.com/comparing-fractions-with-common-denominators-common-numerators/ – http://mustardseedteaching.com/making-half/ – http://mustardseedteaching.com/less-than-equal-to-or-more-than-%C2%BD/

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  • Making Half

    Finding Half Using Fraction Bars Before diving into equivalent fractions, I have found that letting students explore by building ½ with fraction bars helps build a foundation for equivalent fractions. FREEBIE ACTIVITY CLICK HERE After this simple hands on activity, students will understand – The denominator needs to be an EVEN number in order to take half – There […]

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  • Comparing Fractions with Common Denominators & Common Numerators

    If students understand what a fraction is and have a good understanding of comparing unit fractions, comparing fractions with a common denominator and numerator will be a confidence booster! Check out these previous posts: Fractions Introduction Unit Fractions Like I’ve said in my previous post, first, I get students to practice by using fraction bars […]

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